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Poster for Carbide and Sorrel

Carbide and Sorrel

Opens on April 15

Director: Frank Beyer Run Time: 85 min. Release Year: 1963 Language: German

Starring: Erwin Geschonneck, Manja Behrens, Margot Busse, Marita Böhme, Rudolf Asmus

After the second World War, Dresden has a lot of reconstructing to do. To get the cigarette factory he once worked for running again, Kalle has to travel to Wittenberg – the only place where carbide can be found. Once there, Kalle find himself in the unfortunate situation of having to hitchhike his way back to Dresden, transporting seven heavy barrels of carbide. However, his inventiveness and optimistic attitude help transform the grueling task into an adventurous, entertaining, and funny journey.

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