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Quicksilver Production Funding


Great Divide

Producer: Adam Camporeale
Writer/Director: Stephen Packer


Producer: Lilla Berry
Director: Johanis Lyons-Reid
Writer: Piri Eddy, Lilla Berry & Johanis Lyons-Reid


Producer: Ben Galotta
Director/Writer: Scarlet Scherer

Dancing Dragon

Producer: Wei Gao + Dante Niedzwiedz
Director/Writer: Shuying (Grace) Liu

The Hitcher

Producer: Tom Schaefer + Cooper Rees-Jones
Director/Writer: Henry Reimer Meaney

I’m the Most Racist Person I Know

Producer: Suriyna Sivashanker
Director/Writer: Leela Varghese

The Shifting Eyes

Producer: Bryce Kraehenbuehl
Director/Writer: Alex Salkicevic

Second Chance - First Nations

Producer: Tim Harkness
Director/Writer: Thibul Nettle

The Mysterious Maiden of Montefiores - First Nations

Producer: Josh Trevorrow
Director/Writer: Travis Akbar

A Nightmare on Felt Street

Producer: Craig Jackson
Director/Writer: Brendan Godfrey


Producer: Jasmine Leech
Director/Writer: David Daradan
Additional Creative: Joshua Campton

Great Deliverance

Producer: Jasmine Leech
Director/Writer: Guy Henderson


In 2023 we funded a massive 12 projects including 2 First Nations projects.

Production Grants Breakdown

x3 Projects at 7k
x5 Projects at 10k
x2 Projects at 20k

x2 First Nations Short Films OR Proof of Concepts at 8k


Stay tuned for production updates through 2024!

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