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Our History

Established in 1974 as the Media Resource Centre, The Mercury has a legacy spanning 50 years and is a much beloved member-based centre for screen culture in the heart of Adelaide’s West End.

The Mercury’s list of achievements includes a rich exhibition history of art-house cinema programs including Cinematheque, Seniors on Screen, the SASAs, film festivals and culturally distinctive genre based programming. 

Its industry arm has supported the development of emerging filmmakers through professional programs such as regular workshops, training courses, filmmaking bootcamps, digital storytelling, and community outreach programs, bringing local and international talent to mentor. 

Its production programs have helped birth the careers of many successful filmmakers in providing their first screen credits from initiatives such as Silent RemasterS, Next Step, Raw Nerve, PIP, I Can See Queerly, Digitopia, Frame By Frame, TropFest Bootcamp, First Shot, NITV, Got Genre, Clip It!, Emergers, 10×10 music videos, and more recently Quicksilver.


Read the Mercury Constitution.

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