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Poster for Flickerfest (Best of Australian)

Flickerfest (Best of Australian)

Opens on May 11

Run Time: 120 min.

Celebrating 33 years, Flickerfest is Australia’s only Academy® Qualifying and BAFTA Recognised Short Film Festival, and the country’s largest Australian & International short film competition, screening the best of shorts from Australia and around the world, hand-picked from over 3,400 entries.

Flickerfest has gone to great lengths to curate it’s 2024 National Tour to bring you the best of Australian & the world’s short film excellence, hand-picked from FLiCKERFEST’s Australian & International competitions in Bondi. FLiCKERFEST 2024 ‘Everyone’s Invited’!

*This programme contains mature themes & is not recommended for children under 15.
Classification: Children under 15yrs must be accompanied by an adult.

Download: Best of Australian Shorts Tour programme Adelaide pdf
View: Best of Australian Shorts Tour sizzle reel Adelaide

Screening Schedule

Darwin Story

Lee returns to Darwin from London when her mum is taken ill. After a chance encounter, there’s an opportunity to reflect on the past, but is she ready to think differently about the beautiful place she calls home? AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE
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Director: Natasha Tonkin
Writer: Natasha Tonki
Producer: Yeshen Venema, Eero Heinonen
Runtime: 9min
Year: 2023
Country: Australia

Cordelia, Daughter Of The Sea

A father delivers a wedding speech to his one and only offspring on her wedding day.WORLD PREMIERE

Director: Maddie Grammatopoulos
Writer: Maddie Grammatopoulos
Producer: Madison Siegertsz
Runtime: 9min
Year: 2023
Country: Australia


Are You Really The Universe?

Alfie, a hopeless romantic, believes Effie is his forever love. In a series of nostalgia-soaked memories, we see the world through Alfie’s eyes – falling in love, moving in together, becoming the kind of comfortable that people yearn for. When the cracks start to show, is it reality seeping in? Can Alfie trust his own memories? Are you really the universe? Is an intimate, visceral exploration of love, relationships and the way we cling to the past in order to convince ourselves in the present. NSW PREMIERE

Director: Tamara Hardman
Writer: Tamara Hardman
Producer: Sarah Wormald
Runtime: 11min
Year: 2023
Country: Australia

Blame The Rabbit

After surviving a horrific assault by her husband, Helen uses the time of his incarceration to painstakingly rebuild herself into the entity that will have the most power over him: a beautiful woman. A modern take on the Gorgon myth about what happens when you disrespect the Divine Feminine. NSW PREMIERE

Director: Elena Carapetis
Writer: Elena Carapetis
Producer: Lisa Scott, Adam Camporeale
Runtime: 13min
Year: 2023
Country: Australia



Charlie and Jack play for a country footy team, and their coach’s favourite ritual is the barbaric Bulldog drills. One by one, the boys line up to get beaten and smashed into the grass. But when Charlie and Jack ritualise an after training beach recovery, they unprecedentedly develop a relationship. As this is not accepted or talked about within the hyper-masculine footy environment, the boys try and hide this, leading to anger from Charlie. But when the inevitable sighting of them together occurs, the boys have to make a choice: break or continue the silence.

Director: Tom Lawrence-Doyle
Writer: Tom Lawrence-Doyle
Producer: Jarrah Murphy, Tom Lawrence-Doyle, Nicholas Burt
Runtime: 15min
Year: 2023
Country: Australia

Cold Water

Inspired by true events. Set in St Kilda, Australia, an elderly woman’s peaceful retirement is interrupted when her husband takes up a bizarre new hobby. NSW PREMIERE
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Director: Jay Perry, Shaun Perry
Writer: Jay Perry, Shaun Perry
Producer: Brayden Alden
Runtime: 20min
Year: 2023
Country: Australia


Human Range

After being band mates in their teens, the members of ‘BIN’ have not spoken to each other in over a decade. One of the band members decides to reunite the group after finding out the news of the death of their lead singer. They realise no one from the group attended his funeral. After a series of heated conversations around a lunch time meal the group start to reminisce about their previous life as punk musicians.

Director: Morgan Wright
Writer: Morgan Wright
Producer: Jordan Cowan, Ben Golotta, Adam Camporeale
Runtime: 17min
Year: 2023
Country: Australia


Sick Day

On his first day home alone from school, ten year old Oliver accidentally stumbles upon his father’s browsing history.
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Director: Stephen Packer
Writer: Stephen Packer, Michael H Beck
Producer: Adam Mark Camporeale
Runtime: 11min
Year: 2023
Country: Australia



When heavily pregnant Missy is slighted by her particular and obsessive boyfriend on the hottest day of summer, retribution reaches a fever pitch.

Director: Madeline Gordon, Paul Gallasch
Writer: Madeline Gordon
Producer: Adam Camporeale, Ben Golotta
Runtime: 8min
Year: 2023
Country: Australia


Yeah The Boys

Yeah the Boys follows six young Aussie men as they sink beers over an afternoon and well into the night. Emoting only through movement; lewd gestures, chokeholds, crowd surfs, and chugging shoeys, they somehow say everything without uttering a single word. Equal parts larrikin, brutal, and tender, this choreographic short film scored by The Avalanches is an observation of Australian masculine identity and our nation’s relationship with drinking culture.WORLD PREMIERE
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Director: Stefan Hunt
Writer: Vanessa Marian Varghese
Producer: Alex Taussig
Runtime: 8min
Year: 2023
Country: Australia

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