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Poster for West Papua Mini Film Festival

West Papua Mini Film Festival

Coming on April 13

Run Time: 120 min.

West Papua Mini Film Festival 2024 A diverse mini festival of hot off the press short documentaries from inside West Papua and Indonesia.
ADELAIDE EVENT: 4 films to be screened and Q&A with directors about the films.
1. My Name is Refugee
2. Papua Hip-Hop ‘When the Microphone is On’
3. The Black Pearl ‘The Field Generals’
4. The Voice of Grime Valley
This riveting selection of short films looks to promote peace, justice, and education, and the prevention of harm to the thousands of internally displaced persons and refugees in West Papua.
Soccer, hip-hop and emotional family dramas created by on the ground activist filmmakers tell stories of positive resistance, struggles for social justice, and the fight against environmental destruction.
The films highlight conditions and developments in our near neighbour in West Papua, where there is civil and armed conflict, thousands of internally displaced people, and ongoing large-scale environmental destruction from mining and logging industries.
Join some of the film makers for screenings and Q&A’s to publicise their situation and to lend support to activists in West Papua as they struggle for basic human rights and land rights.
Full $20 I Conc. $10 I Unemployed gold coin donation. Please email: to inquire about tickets.
Arranged in association with the West Papua Project at Wollongong University in collaboration with filmmakers from West Papua, Indonesia and Australia, and community support groups and citizens in Australia.
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